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Mushrooms: How to use them in vegan cooking

Mushrooms: How to use them in vegan cooking

Mushrooms are fascinating and mysterious. They can be delicious, medicinal, psychedelic or even deadly. Mushrooms and their mycelium still elude us, but we’ve become regular mycophiles in all aspects. No longer can you only find white button, portabello, or cremini mushrooms in the grocery store. It’s not unusual to find fresh shiitakes or oyster mushrooms among them and the farmers’ market brings even more varieties.

Should you wash your mushrooms?

If you’ve ever read a recipe that uses mushrooms, you might have come across advice that you should never wash them because they absorb water. Many cookbooks recommend cleaning them with a wet cloth. The cooking magazine says otherwise. Cooks Illustrated It is recommended to wash them in water. There is some absorption but it is minimal. 

Use different types of mushrooms

Over 2,000 edible mushroom species exist. This guide doesn’t cover all of them, but we selected some of the most common types that you’ll find in the grocery store or farmers’ market.


1 White button mushroom

If you’re familiar with only one kind of mushroom, it’s probably white button, or Agaricus bisporus. It is also known as white button mushrooms.

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