Home Dinner Imitation Crab recipes – 20+ Imitation Recipes

Imitation Crab recipes – 20+ Imitation Recipes

Imitation Crab recipes – 20+ Imitation Recipes

These delicious and budget-friendly imitation crab recipes will make you want to eat more! Choose from a variety of options such as sushi, pasta salads, crab cakes and even pizza.

When budget is an issue, we prefer to make baked Crab Legs topped with a cajun or garlic butter sauce.

You can learn more about imitation crab by reading our guides, What is Kani or Kanikama. These two guides will teach you everything you need about this alternative.

Recipes for imitation crab meat

Kani salad

The 15-minute Krab Salad is loaded with crabs, vegetables, Panko crumbs, and creamy dressing.

Kani Salad Recipe
Spicy Krab roll

You can make a tasty Spicy Krab roll at home in less than 30 minutes! This spicy kani rolls is filled with Kani Salad, seasoned sushi and a spicy sauce. It includes many of the same ingredients as our beloved Sushi Bake. You’ll enjoy making your own sushi roll recipes.
Spicy Krab roll
Spicy Krab Roll on a white plate.
Sushi Bake

Sushi bake is a California Roll casserole that has been deconstructed. It’s packed with vegetables, cream cheese (Kani), crab and cream.

Sushi Bake
Baked sushi recipe in a white casserole dish.
Imitation Crab Nigiri

Use imitation crab sticks or flakes to make a…

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