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Easy Chicken Marsala in 30 Minutes

Easy Chicken Marsala in 30 Minutes

Chicken Marsala recipe

This elegant yet simple design is easy to make. Chicken Marsala recipe You should try this Italian-American classic tonight. Savory mushroom wine sauce (no heavy cream!) This sauce is a delicious way to serve up juicy, pan-fried chicken. It can be used with noodles or mashed potato. 

the best chicken marsala recipe in a pan

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This is my best Crock Pot Chicken Marsala, a lighter version of the original.

No heavy cream is used in my chicken Marsala.

Mushrooms are sautéed with butter and shallot, then reduced with Marsala wine and chicken broth. 

  • Chicken cutlets are lightly dusted in flour, then fried and topped with sauce.
  • This chicken Marsala recipe, like Pan Fried Chicken Breast is quick to cook and produces moist, juicy results.

This simple and healthy chicken Marsala recipe is perfectly seasoned and blows Olive Garden’s out of the water (or shall I say out of the skillet).

This quick and flavorful recipe for chicken is great to serve guests or as a weeknight meal.

It’s ready in 30 minutes total time!

creamy chicken marsala recipe

Marsala wine for chicken: What to choose?


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