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5-Ingredient Vegan Soy Curl Chicken Strips

5-Ingredient Vegan Soy Curl Chicken Strips

These easy vegan soy curl “chicken” strips are a versatile, nutritious and affordable homemade vegan alternative to chicken—and they’re made with only 5 ingredients! These strips can be used in many different meals, including chili, tacos and sandwiches.

Let’s talk about soy curls.

I still become surprised when I realize that more people don’t know about, let alone cook with, the wonderful plant protein that is a soy curl.

They are versatile and easy-to-work with. They’re also affordable in comparison to many commercial vegan meats. On top of that, they’re nutritious, and they’re a whole foods vegan protein.

Today, I want to share my “base recipe” for working with soy curls. They’re soy curl “chicken” strips, seasoned and lightly baked for a little texture.

I’ve spent a lot of time fine-tuning this recipe, trying to figure out a ratio of effort to ease that really pays off. Finally, it’s perfect.

After you’ve made these seasoned curls, they can be used in so many other ways.

I’d like to tell you a bit more about why and how these strips could become your favorite plant-based protein.

What are soy curls?

You still…

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