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Burger King’s 7 Premium Burgers Revealed

Burger King’s 7 Premium Burgers Revealed

Burger King offers more than just burgers. So, let’s find out all the Burger King premium burger options that you can enjoy. 

Burger King’s premium burger options include:

1. Bacon King

2. Texas Double Whopper

3. Triple Whopper

4. BBQ Bacon Jr.

5. Royal Crispy Bacon and Swiss BK Chicken Sandwich

6. Original Chicken Sandwich

7. Big Fish 

These are the best sandwiches and burgers to order. They are delicious and go well with other items in the Burger King menu. So, let’s look at all the premium burgers without further ado. 

What premium burger options does Burger King offer?

Burger King’s menu is a treat for all, including a wide range of delectable options. You may already know about the Whopper but let me tell you what other premium burgers/sandwiches are worth trying. 

Premium Burgers/Sandwiches Available At Burger King 

1. Bacon King

Burger King Bacon King

Bacon King is a premium burger option available on Burger King’s menu. It’s a great option for bacon and beef lovers, as it contains…

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