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The Best Waffle toppings

The Best Waffle toppings

How many? Waffle toppings What can you think off the top your head? Waffles are a family favorite and there are so many ways to top them.

Is “waffle season” a thing? Or is it just me? There is nothing better than a hot breakfast in the fall or winter. Watching the steam rise from the waffle iron as it cooks is a wonderful experience.

All I know is that right now, we are deep in waffle season over here and we’re making all the toppings to pour, stack, and pile on top of our waffles.

Waffle Toppings

There are many ways to dress up waffles, from sweet to savory. The right combination of toppings can transform a basic buttermilk-based waffle from simple to spectacular.

Recently I shared a list with some of my most favorite waffle recipe. After spending all that time thinking about waffles, it became clear that I’d need a whole other post just to talk about waffle toppings!

Want something sweet to satisfy your craving? My Grandmother’s Waffle Sauce will forever reign supreme, (just ask literally anyone who has ever tasted it!) There are other options…

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