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Are McDonald’s Hash Browns Gluten Free?

Are McDonald’s Hash Browns Gluten Free?

McDonald’s serves a delectable range of fast-food options to its customers. But one McDonald’s menu item that is extremely popular for its taste is McDonald’s hash brown. 

The perfect golden brown color of the shredded-potato patties is crispy on both the outside and the inside. This combination is a winning combination that attracts many people. 

But are McDonald’s hash browns gluten-free? Sadly, not. McDonald’s hash browns are not gluten-free.

McDonald’s corporate office once revealed that hash browns are customers’ top favorite. What’s the secret behind the restaurant’s incredible hash browns? 

Credit goes to the ingredients that went into making the hash browns. Let’s find out what ingredients are used to make McDonald’s hash browns and why they are not gluten-free.

McDonald’s Hash Browns Are Not Gluten Free

McDonald's Hash Browns

McDonald’s official website makes it clear that their popular hash browns are not gluten-free. If you read the ingredients list on the official McDonald’s website carefully, it includes potatoes, oil, salt, flour, and black pepper. 

But other ingredients are present in the hash browns, like preservatives, flavorings, coloring, and plenty of high fructose corn syrup, which DO NOT make McDonald’s hash…

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