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Bacon wrapped Buffalo Chicken Poppers

Bacon wrapped Buffalo Chicken Poppers

Bacon Wrapped Buffalo Chicken Poppers deliver a spicy, savory experience. These tasty poppers are made with fresh jalapeno, buffalo chicken, bacon and baked to perfection. Bite into one and you’ll experience a burst of flavors with the heat of jalapeno, tangy Buffalo chicken, and smoky bacon. These stuffed Jalapeno Peppers are great for BBQs, game days and parties.

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Why Buffalo Chicken Jalapeno Poppers are the Perfect Appetizer

Buffalo Style Chicken Poppers are a popular item on the menus of many fast-casual eateries for a number of reasons. They’re convenient, delicious, and, most of all, great for sharing. This makes them a great app for your next tailgate or party.

These savory jalapeno peppers wrapped in bacon are packed with flavor and stuffed with chicken ground with seasoning. They’re then grilled until they reach perfection. 

Why is this Buffalo Chicken Poppers Recipe so Good?

Unlike most jalapeno poppers, this version isn’t breaded and fried. You’ll get fresh and intense flavors without all that extra coating. These apps are delicious and healthy.

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