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Baked Smoky Tofu

Baked Smoky Tofu

This oven baked, smoky-flavored tofu uses a marinade that includes soy sauce, rice vinegar, and spices such as smoked paprika. You don’t need to purchase liquid smoke in order to make it, and you definitely don’t need a home smoker! It can be used as a sandwich filling, a breakfast dish, a salad ingredient, or a grain bowl.

Seven or eight year ago, I discovered the SoyBoy smoked tofu brand in a local supermarket. It was a game-changer.

This wasn’t my first time trying a store-bought, marinated and baked tofu. Some of the most popular tofu brands are also selling seasoned tofu. Flavors include teriyaki and sesame-ginger.

But it was the first time I tried a commercial seasoned tofu that I really fell in love with—one that could rival my homemade favorites, including baked balsamic tofu and baked teriyaki tofu cubes.

I began buying this brand as often as possible. I used it to make toast, pasta dishes and bowls. It even made an appearance in my cookbook’s recipe for avocado toast. Power Plates.

I’ll still pick up the SoyBoy smoked tofu whenever I find it, but I’ve had an increasingly hard time locating it in stores.


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