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Black Bean, Spinach and Potato Hash

Black Bean, Spinach and Potato Hash

This breakfast hash is a surprising combination of roasted potatoes, black beans, green chile, and barely wilted spinach.

If you’ve been here long, you know that I’m a huge fan of hash for breakfast. I’m here for it, whether it’s a classic sausage hash with cabbage and potatoes, or this roasted sweet potato and spinach hash.

Hash can be a delicious, customizable breakfast that is easy to prepare. The endless combination of meats, vegetables, and grains ensures that it is never boring.

And, it’s great for using up those last few handfuls of spinach before it gets lost in the back of your refrigerator. This spinach and potato hash with onion and garlic is also good. This spinach quiche also looks incredible.

Breakfast Hash

When you roast potatoes, ensure that they are completely dry before sprinkling them with oil. Extra moisture will cause the potatoes to steam.

This tip holds true for any crispy potato recipe, whether it’s roasted red potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, or even these roasted potatoes and green beans. The green beans were added to my grocery shopping list after I saw that.

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