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Black Walnut Ice Cream

Black Walnut Ice Cream

This sweet and fragrant Black Walnut Ice Cream, filled with slightly chewy black walnut pieces, is a decadent dessert.

Black Walnut Ice Cream

Black walnuts and black extracts smell to me a little like anise. This is the flavor of black liquorice. I was a little leery of them both initially, as I’m not a fan of black licorice at all.

But the final ice cream does not smell or taste like anise. Phew. This sweet, nutty and creamy ice cream has won over all the walnut-lovers in our family. (I didn’t waste a scoop sharing it with the non-walnut-enjoying child. That’s his loss.)

Homemade Black Walnut Ice Cream

Whether your black walnut extract is specifically labeled as “imitation” or not, it likely is a combination of natural and artificial flavors created to mimic the flavor of black walnuts. This is the extract that I used to make this ice-cream.

When I searched around, I could not find any black walnut extracts that were made from black nuts. This information was nowhere on the label. You can make the ice cream right away by using an imitation black walnut oil.

The elegant curve of a handmade pottery mug is visible in this image where it contains a scoop of ice cream. Black walnut pieces are artfully scattered atop an exquisite white ceramic plate.

Nuts in Ice cream

With over 70 ice…

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