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Blueberry Gelato

Blueberry Gelato

Blueberry gelato combines a creamy, rich gelato with a tangy fruitiness that is irresistible.

When you combine the smooth richness of homemade ice cream with berries or a berry sauce, the result is always a refreshing, creamy treat – and this blueberry gelato doesn’t disappoint.

Blueberry Ice Cream

If you’ve been making ice cream here with me for long, you may recall my long-time love affair with Rusconi’s blueberry chocolate ice cream. It was the first time I tried blueberry ice-creams and gelatos.

I’m grateful to Chef Michael for sharing his recipe with me when we were preparing to move to Ohio. Once I had made my own Blueberry Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream, there was no going back. Our freezer is stocked with blueberry ice creams.

When I’m craving the restaurant’s ice cream and have never time nor motivation to make that custard base, this Blueberries and Cream Ice Cream has become a go-to. You can make this ice cream in minutes with a blender and no stovetop.

gelato made with berries in white bowl on wood table

Blueberry Gelato

This recipe for blueberry gelato is an amalgamation of the two…

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