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Brain-Eating Vegan Zombies

Brain-Eating Vegan Zombies

According to legend, vegan zombies eat only grains. This makes them less dangerous than conventional omnivores. It may have been true for the old undead but times have changed. If we can have nearly identical analogues for steak and seafood, why wouldn’t we be able to upgrade to plant-based brains, too?

This decadent brain food pâté is scary delicious. Brains are unlike anything else. They’re buttery, creamy, but firm enough to spread, and they have a subtle savory flavor. The addition of sriracha blood-red on top gives it a spicy tangy flavor that is truly irresistible. The heat from the chilies and the acidity of the vinegar balance out the richness in the base. You might have to fight off zombies in order to return for more.

What are Brain Foods?

The brain food pate has more to it than just being a tasty Halloween appetizer. It is also packed with nutrition that boosts the brain! It is important to eat a varied diet in order to reap the most nutritional benefits. However, certain foods have shown a greater impact than others on cognitive abilities such as memory and concentration, and understanding and processing of new information. This pate isn’t just brainy in appearance, but a smart choice for your…

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