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Bunny Butt Cheese Ball

Bunny Butt Cheese Ball

Bunny Butt Cheese Ball It’s a cute, fun appetizer made in the shape of a bunny butt with coconut flakes. It’s great served with vanilla wafers, fresh fruit slices or pretzels for a sweet snack everyone will love, especially at Easter!

We’re big fans of sweet cheese balls around here. Our cookies and cream cheese ball is a favorite of readers. It can also be made into the shape a football. You might also like our turtle cheeseball.

This Recipe is a winner

Everyone loves a cheese ball and it’s an easy, make-ahead party appetizer. But we’re amping it up with some lime gelatin and lime flavoring, then making an adorable bunny butt!

This is a great choice for Easter parties and get-togethers.

  • The cream cheese ball Quickly comes together Set it up in the refrigerator.
  • The lime gelatin’s green color makes the cheese ball beautiful. Coconut shredded This works great for fluffy bunny fur.
  • Little candies help finish off the look by making the bunny’s paws!

You are looking for something savory? Our pineapple ham cheeseball makes a great snack (or dinner).

Ingredient Notes

Ingredients needed to make bunny butt shaped cheese ball.
  • Cream cheese – Full-fat cream cheese has the most rich and tangy taste, but a reduced-fat version would…

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