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Butternut Squash Salad

Butternut Squash Salad

Our Butternut Squash Salad Combining tender bites Roasted butternut squash You can also find out more about Crisp apple slicesPecans are crunchy and creamy, with feta cheese. The dish is finished off by a tangy and Sweet mustard dressing

Serve it as a You can make a meal out of wholesome food, side dishes, or starters. Combining autumnal flavors and textures are sure to please.


You’ll enjoy this salad of butternut squash because it is so delicious. Easy recipe with bold flavors The two merge into one A delicious and cosy dish.

Salad is a delicious salad. The perfect fall and winter outfit Holiday meals or a family dinner.

It can be served as a Side dish, appetizer or for a healthy and tasty meal We love eating it for lunch.

All 5 tastes are present in this simple dish. Enjoy sweets (green apple, butternut, and maple syrup) Sour (dried cranberries and green apples, with apple cider vinegar) bitter (mustard), Salty (salt), Umami (feta).

This salad is made even more delicious by adding chickpeas and mixed greens. Healthy, satisfying, and wholesome meal.

butternut squash salad on a white plate

Ingredients & Substitutions

Butternut squash salad ingredients

You can find the quantities in the recipe box located at the bottom.

Mixed leaves

You can try to get a Mix of lettucesAlso known as salad greensThe swatches are available in different colors.

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