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Cabbage Soup {Low Calorie}

Cabbage Soup {Low Calorie}

If you’ve ever heard of the cabbage soup diet, and thought it sounded like drudgery, that’s because you’ve never tried this Cabbage Soup! The recipe for this healthy cabbage soup is low in calories with only 91 per cup. But the best part? It’s full of flavor! The combination of dill, lemon, garlic, and a touch of caraway is delicious. This high-fiber, 100% meatless dish will keep you satisfied without weighing down. 

one large dutch oven full of cabbage soup and a wooden spoon on the left top corner with two bowls full of soup in the mid-lower right corner

Table of contents

  • Why we love cabbage soup
  • Ingredients for Weight Loss Cabbage Soup
  • How to Make Low Calorie Cabbage Soup
  • Questions and Answers About This Healthy Cabbage soup
  • What To Serve with Vegetarian Caraway Soup
  • Prepare for Storage, Freezing and Reheating
  • Substitutions and Variations
  • Diet Friendly Soups

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Why we love cabbage soup

After all the richness of the holiday season, I steer clear of heavy comfort food and meat and potato meals and instead pick low-calorie chicken dishes, big entree salads, and light soups like today’s original recipe for Cabbage soup. My guess is you’re here because you…

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