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Captain Crunch Ice cream

Captain Crunch Ice cream

Captain Crunch Ice Cream is a playful treat that captures all the fun of childhood breakfasts. Every scoop of this velvety, creamy ice cream is filled with nostalgic cereal flavors.

Captain Crunch Ice cream

Friends, this ice-cream is AMAZING! When I finally nailed this recipe, the ice cream turned out perfectly smooth and creamy, tasting exactly like Captain Crunch cereal – the perfect pairing for the crunchy cereal on top when you serve it.

It’s been a few years since I first sprinkled a handful of Captain Crunch cereal over a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I owe this brilliant idea to my friend Christi! And let me tell you, there’s no turning back once you’ve combined cereal with ice cream.

What about the crunchy cereal with the smooth creamy ice cream? It’s irresistible. So, turning that flavor combination into an actual cereal ice cream – you know that needed to happen.

Adding milk to a bowl of Captain Crunch cereal

Cereal Ice Cream

When you first taste a cereal ice cream, it is something you won’t forget. Cereal milk has the flavor of the cereal infused into it. In the case of Captain Crunch, the flavors are brown sugar and butter.

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