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Chick Fil A Minis

Copycat the Chick Fil A Chicken Minis recipe for a quick and easy way to recreate their magic at home! Air-fried Southern style chicken nuggets are stuffed into freshly baked, soft yeast rolls and glazed in honey butter. These mini chicken sandwiches can be enjoyed for breakfast, or whenever you want a delicious bite.

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What makes the Chick-fil-A chicken minis perfect for your next tailgate or party appetizer?

Everyone loves sliders. Everyone loves chicken. Therefore, it shouldn’t be any big surprise that whenever anyone serves these copycat Chicken Minis, they’re gone in minutes.

Chick fil-A Chick-n-Minis are small sandwiches with a big taste. A piece of tender, white meated chicken is coated with a crisp coating that’s flavored with a hint dill. A freshly baked yeast roll, brushed with Brown Sugar Honey butter for sweetness and a hint of sweetness will make this the perfect sandwich. 

Why this is the recipe you should try 

Sometimes, you want to cook a meal at home, but from scratch, cooking isn’t in the cards. Whether you are a little too busy or don’t want the…

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