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Chicken Gloria

This chicken casserole has a creamy mushroom sauce and melted cheese! Chicken Gloria It’s a delicious comfort food that is simple to make.


You’ll love this dish

The chicken is tender and juicy. The creamy mushroom sauce is flavorful and rich. And the cheese, well, it’s ooey and melted. What’s not to like? This Chicken Gloria is a comforting recipe for the entire family. Even on a hectic weekday, you can make it. It’s so good that my husband and myself kept eating spoonfuls of the sauce when I made it the first time.

You may be surprised to learn that the dish is so popular, that everyone has heard of someone who shared it with them. Betty Crocker may have made it famous, but it has been around since decades.


All ingredients for chicken Gloria dish in bowls and plates on a white tile board.
  • ChickenI used chicken breasts that were cut into cutlets. One chicken breast is equal to two servings.
  • The following mushrooms are available:White, cremini or portobello are all acceptable;
  • Muenster cheeseThis creamy cheese is the classic ingredient in this dish. You can also use gouda and mozzarella.
  • milkThe base of our sauce is half and half; it’s even.

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