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Cinnamon Streusel Coffeecake

Cinnamon Streusel Coffeecake

A cinnamon coffee cake with layers of buttery cinnamon brown Sugar streusel and cinnamon is something I cannot resist when it’s in my house. Fortunately, it’s irresistible to everyone I know, so it disappears fast any time I make it.

Cinnamon Streusel Coffeecake

Whether it’s early in the morning with a cup of coffee, mid-afternoon, or late at night, this cinnamon coffee cake is a favorite. This cake is half streusel because it’s heavy on cinnamon streusel.

Without making the cake too sweet, the sour cream provides a delicious richness with a moist crumb and tender texture. It’s the perfect treat to enjoy with a cup of morning coffee or afternoon tea. It is a great after-school snack that my kids love.

streusel coffee cake stacked on plate

These simple cakes are my favourite to share. Whether I’m taking a whole meal to someone, or sharing a dessert just to bring a friend a smile, cinnamon coffee cake with abundant layers of cinnamon streusel is perfect for any reason.

I first shared this recipe in The Weeknight Dinner Cookbook and it’s been on my frequent repeat list ever since. (For those of you counting, that’s a solid 7 years in the favorites rotation!)

I’m happy to tell you that coffee cake freezes quite well….

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