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Coconut Cookie Bars

Coconut Cookie Bars

Could any dessert be better than chewy blondies with chocolate and toasted nut stuffed in? At the moment, there is no chance. These coconut cookies bars make me very happy.

Coconut Blondies

Oh, how I love blondie cookie bars. You can make your blondies in a variety of ways. They are available with chocolate chips, coconut and pecans or dark chocolate, cashews and other nuts.

If you don’t hate coconuts (which is impossible for me to imagine), then these coconut blondies are perfect for you.You will probably love these coconut blondies.

To be able to keep returning to the kitchen and tasting them, I usually cut these bars into small pieces. These bars are rich and dense, so smaller servings of this recipe work best.

blondies stacked on plate with napkin

Blondies With Chocolate Chips

If you love bakery-style chocolate chip cookies with crisp edges and perfectly chewy centers (and you’re anything like me with less time on your hands with every passing day), these blondies with chocolate chips are likely to be made more often than those cookies we all love so much.

Blondies are known for their crisp edges. They have the chewy center of chocolate chip cookies and…

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