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Cookie Dough Dip Recipe

Cookie Dough Dip Recipe

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Dip It tastes just like cookie dough, and it’s completely safe to eat. Enjoy this delicious chocolate chip cookie-dough dip as a tasty dip or simply with a fork!

Chocolate chips make everything better! Chocolate chips make this banana bread moist and sweet. These Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies are a huge hit with our readers!

Table of Contents

  • Why This Recipe Works
  • Ingredient Notes
  • How to Make Cookie dough Dip
  • Tip and Tricks
  • Recipe FAQs
  • Other Cookie Dough Recipes
  • Cookie Dough Dip – Recipe

Why This Recipe Works

I love chocolate chip cookies, but I tend to eat cookie dough by spoonfuls. I know we aren’t supposed to eat raw cookie dough, but I’m a bit of a risk taker.

This dip tastes just like cookie dough and is delicious! It’s a favorite of mine to take to parties.

  • It’s Egg free and flour-freeYou can safely eat the food.
  • The Right to Vote 6 ingredients needed!
  • To make this delicious cookie dough, replace the basic ingredients with butter and cream cheese. 
  • Add some of your Favorite mix-ins How to make a tasty dessert for your party.

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