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Costco Quinoa Salad

Costco Quinoa Salad

This vibrant and delicious Costco Quinoa Salad is perfect for foodies and health enthusiasts alike! This colorful salad is packed with protein rich quinoa, crunchy vegetables and a tangy dressing of lemon. It’s perfect for any meal. This delicious salad is perfect for any family gathering, potluck meal, or meal prepping.

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Why is Costco Quinoa So Good? 

Costco Salad tastes as good as it looks. Don’t let all the healthy ingredients fool you. This vegan-friendly mixture of quinoa with red lentils and brown rice is tossed together with plenty of fresh veggies and a tangy salad dressing. It tastes much better than other side dishes and complements many meat-based or vegetarian mains.

This dish is perfect for anyone who loves the Quinoa Salad Costco offers, or just wants something different. This salad is great for potlucks and BBQs in the backyard, picnics or at potlucks.

Why You Should Try this Recipe 

Costco members can get a healthy package of this salad, but…

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