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Creamy Grape Salad With Pecans

Creamy Grape Salad With Pecans

In this delicious and unexpected creamy grape salad, sweet grapes are combined with crunchy pecans. Vanilla bean sourcream is also added. My boys went nuts over this the first time I made it and I couldn’t stop eating bites of it myself.

I’ve made this simple grape salad with pecans countless times now and my youngest son still can’t get enough of it. Every time he sees grapes in the store or in our refrigerator, he asks if we can make “the really good grape salad” again. How could I say no to this?

Creamy grape salad

There’s no big secret here. There’s nothing fancy here, just delicious fresh grapes, pecans, and a creamy tangy sourcream. The simplest of recipes can be the best.

This is a popular dish to bring to gatherings with friends, but it’s also great served with a sandwich or wrap for an easy family lunch.

Grape Salad with Pecans

Grape salads are a classic dish for potlucks and parties. If you’ve never tasted one, this recipe is the perfect one to make first.

If you’ve had grape salad at work or family picnics that was overly sweetened and gloppy, this recipe will make you want to scrape the bowl clean.

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