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Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta

Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta

Sun Dried Tomato Pasta

This creamy treat is layered with layers of flavor that are bewitching. Sun Dried Tomato Pasta This recipe is perfect for a romantic meal, yet it’s so simple that anyone can do it (including my husband).

the best sun dried tomato pasta recipe with spinach and chicken

Why You’ll Love This Creamy Pasta Recipe

  • It’s a tried-and-true winner. This is one of the most popular recipes on Well Plated, and why wouldn’t it be?! It’s creamy, it’s easy, and it’s loaded with chewy, sweet sun-dried tomatoes. Sun-dried tomatoes are delicious. The sun-dried tomatoes concentrate the tomato flavor, which gives you more bang per buck!
  • Let me repeat: It is Easy to Use. Like other simple weeknight pasta recipes (Pastas (Penne Alla Vodka and Ricotta Pasta), It is easy to make and tastes great (if my husband could make it, then anyone could!).
  • The Perfect Date Night In. Do you ever go to an Italian restaurant for a dinner date and then wonder why you’re paying $25 for a plate of spaghetti? Instead of spending money on a dinner out, make this pasta dish with sun-dried tomato and chicken instead.
a pot of creamy sun dried tomato pasta

5 Star Review

“Absolutely delicious, my family said it was like restaurant food!”

— Kirstie —

Sun Dried Tomato Pasta Recipe

The Ingredients

  • Whole Wheat Pasta. Go…

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