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This classic French Crepe recipe can be made with just 7 basic ingredients. Fill them with your favorite sweet and savory fillings.

Is there anything more lovely than a plate filled with warm, delicate, buttery French crêpes? ♡

During the years we lived in Europe and especially during our many trips to France, we had the chance to visit several charming creperies. There is nothing better than a freshly made, lace-edged, paper-thin crepe. In their simplicity, they are elegant and delicious. They are the perfect blank canvas to fill with all your favorite sweet or salty fillings.

They are also surprisingly easy for you to make. You only need 7 pantry staples and whatever fillings you like to make your own French cafe. You can make crepe batter with a whisk or a bowl if you like. I prefer to use a blender to make my batter, as I find it to be the easiest method. Please read the tips below to learn more, and to get ideas on how to make the batter or fillings your own.

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