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Falafel bowls crumbled

Falafel bowls crumbled

These Crumbled falafel bowls are easy to make with crispy “falafel” crumbles, your choice of rice or greens, and lots of fun toppings!

My new favorite thing…crumbled The falafel bowls are a delicious way to eat your falafel. ♡

A few months ago, I had a major falafel craving but couldn’t summon the energy to make the mix, form it into dozens of little patties, and fry each one until perfectly crispy. I tried out a quick shortcut, adding the crumbled mixture directly to a pan with some oil and slowly tossing until it was golden and crisp. And not only did the method work well…the crumbled falafel was absolutely delicious.

We’ve made this recipe many times since, especially since our toddler has turned out to be a big fan of this recipe too, and it has quickly become a new family favorite. Start with a tasty mix of falafels. I’m partial to loading mine up with lots of garlic, fresh herbs and seasonings, and a hint of lemon. You can also soak dried chickpeas overnight to get a more tender texture. If you don’t have time, canned chickpeas will work in a pinch. Then the key is to let the falafel mix sauté in a few tablespoons of hot oil until the bottom…

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