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Egg Drop Soup

Egg Drop Soup

Egg Drop Soup, with its flavorful base of chicken broth and the light wisps that appear throughout, is a delicious, light and simple recipe your family will enjoy.

When I first made this soup my kids were enthralled and ate every sip. The next day, they asked for it again.

This soup can be made in just minutes, which makes it one of the most popular lunches I make for my kids.

Did you know you can make a delicious egg drop soup from just two eggs, some chicken stock and broth?

Egg Drop Soup

I’ve made this soup for a few years now and the recipe is quite versatile. The recipe is easy to double and adding an extra egg gives it a heartier, more filling taste.

I love that I serve a soup cup (with an additional egg) for a first course, or a whole bowl as a main meal.

No wonder it’s such a staple in my house. Truth be told, ┬ámy middle son would probably be happy to eat a bowl of egg drop soup every single day.

Egg Drop Soup is a favorite easy lunch

Chinese Egg Drops Soup

You may want to have it every single day. And I wouldn’t stop you. There are so many ways to enjoy this Chinese soup that you’ll want to try them…

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