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Egg Rolls in a Bowl

Egg Rolls in a Bowl

Egg Rolls in a Bowl

This easy recipe gives takeout a healthier makeover Egg Rolls in a Bowl. In place of a fried egg roll wrapper, the filling ingredients for this lighter take on egg rolls are served with rice.

two bowls of easy egg roll in a bowl ground turkey and rice

Why You’ll Love This Deconstructed Egg Roll

  • Tastes like an eggroll. Imagine the same egg rolls you love from your favorite Asian restaurant, but rather than limiting yourself to just one, or even two, to save space for the main course, enjoy them in a bowl. You can learn more about it here. The main event. This recipe takes all the star players in a classic egg roll filling and turns them into a fast, healthy meal that’s the perfect easy weeknight dinner (it’s phenomenal leftover too).
  • It’s Fast and Made in ONE BOWL. This is the best egg roll in bowl recipe ever! It takes all the best parts of an egg roll and sautés them together in less than 30 minutes in a single pan (hello, easy cleanup!). It’s faster than delivery and You can also see our other articles. much better for you, too (like my low-carb Cauliflower Fried Rice).
  • The ingredients are nutritious Enjoy the Delicious. This recipe uses simple, wholesome ingredients to nourish and satisfy! This recipe features ground beef, which is essential for these Korean Beef Bowls…

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