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Takeaways from the COP28: Financing food fast

Takeaways from the COP28: Financing food fast

While I’m still in Dubai and writing this article, I am impressed by the rapidity of the actions taken to put diversified proteins at the forefront of the conversation about climate change, climate strategy, and climate execution. As I come down from my four speaking engagements in the Blue Zone, I can’t believe the rapid zeitgeist shift, writes Elysabeth Alfano.

Only last year, when I spoke at COP27, I was pushing to be heard, along with dedicated colleges at the Food4Climate, Food Systems pavilions, The Good Food Institute (GFI), Mighty Earth, Food Tank, FAIRR and so many others that food systems transition was not only key to the climate change conversation, but that we simply couldn’t hold on to any aspirations of 1.5C without it.

We skipped a step in a year! The food industry has risen to the top of our agenda, and we are now discussing how to finance it. As someone who has worked in and talked about this solution for almost a decade now, it is surreal to wake up one day – seemingly almost from one day to the next in early December 2023 – and see that the world, collectively and in unison, is now focused on financing…

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