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Flatbread Pizza

Flatbread Pizza

Flatbread pizza Combines two favorite recipes: Crispy yet tender flatbread Base with Creative and Toppers that are mouthwatering

You can choose to like or dislike a Classic tomato and cheese You can also use a Middle Eastern hummus with tahini and sauce This is the perfect recipe to create a stunning wedding. Dinner with family and friends


flatbread pizza variations

You’ll love flatbread pizza The base is easier to make and quicker than regular pizza. golden-brown, , The tenderIt’s a blank canvas that you can decorate with your favorite toppings.

This recipe was first seen in a small Berlin restaurant (Germany) and we were immediately intrigued. The concept of the book was a hit.

Flatbread pizzas can be prepared on a baking sheet You can also use a pizza stone You can cook it in any standard oven. It can be cooked. In a skillet The following are some examples of how to use a pizza oven.

Toppings Use whatever you wish.

We recommend that you a classic Italian topping Tomato and mozzarella are a delicious combination. Greek-inspired One with olives and yogurt, along with pesto of sun-dried tomatoes.

Californian One Avocado mashed with chipotle and sauce. Middle-Eastern cuisine is also available Nico’s favourite: hummus with crumbled falafel and tahini, pickled onions, and tahini.

flatbread pizza with hummus, falafel, tahini sauce, and pickled onions

Ingredients & Substitutions

ingredients for flatbread pizza
  • Flour: We use…

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