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Fruity Pebbles ice cream

Fruity Pebbles ice cream

Fruity Pebbles Ice Cream is a combination of colorful fruity cereal and smooth ice cream. Each scoop is bursting with the rainbow crunch that you remember from Saturday mornings spent watching cartoons.

Fruity Pebbles ice cream

I made the ice cream several times, trying to get the right texture and flavor. Let me just admit that the first attempt barely hit the “edible” mark.

I’m happy to tell you that the final version of this recipe is a solid two-thumbs-up! This is a creamy, refreshing ice-cream with hints and flavors of fruity pebbles.

With over 70 ice cream recipes here to choose from, there’s sure to be an ice cream for everyone! If you’re new to making ice cream, the best and easiest vanilla ice cream is a great place to start.

These are my favourite inexpensive containers for storing Ice Cream. They’re perfect for gifting (who doesn’t love homemade ice cream?) storage, re-using, etc. I write the flavor on the lids using a Sharpie, and it comes off with dish soap.

This ice cream spoon is the best ever. This ice-cream scoop is the best ever at cutting…

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