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Garlic Herb Lamb Burgers

Garlic Herb Lamb Burgers

These juicy Lamb Burgers with lemony whipped cheese and garlic are next-level! You can make the lamb patties as simple or as gourmet as you like. Also, I’ve included instructions for making them on a pan instead of grilling. Click here to read all about it.

close up of the burgers from the side with whipped feta and veggie toppings

Table of contents

  • Enjoy Juicy Homemade lamb Burgers
  • Ingredients in This Lamb Burger recipe
  • How to Season and cook lamb burgers
  • What to serve with Lamb Burgers
  • Expert Tips and FAQs
  • Additional Lamb Recipes and Burgers

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Enjoy Juicy Homemade lamb Burgers

Garlic herb lamb burgers were one of my most requested weekly dishes when I was a private chef. It was a surprise to my clients that seasoning lamb ground for burgers can be quite easy. The result is always a flavorful, juicy burger. And you don’t need a culinary degree to pull them off perfectly.

Today’s 30-minute recipe includes all the additional goodies: crunchy cucumbers, red onions,…

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