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Gochujang Crispy Persian Rice Recipe (Tahdig)

Gochujang Crispy Persian Rice Recipe (Tahdig)

How to make Tahdig, a traditional Persian rice recipe. This is a vegan and Korean version. This rice dish has everything you love about traditional fluffy saffron rice, with a golden crust and spicy gochujang butter. 

What is Tahdig?

Tahdig means “bottom of the pot” in Persian, referring to the crispy bits of rice that stick to the bottom. It’s a fluffy, buttery rice dish with a crispy, crunchy, golden crust. Needless to say, it’s absolutely delicious.

My homemade Persian rice is crisp and perfectly spiced with fragrant, fragrant saffron. gochujang You can make compound butter! This adds a mild, savoury and spicy kick to an already delicious crispy rice recipe. 

What makes this recipe so great?

It’s Veggiekins gochujang week and I’m all about taking tried and true favourite recipes and giving them some delicious vegan and Asian flare! Today I’m giving a spicy kick to my Tahdig recipe!

Tahdig is usually cooked in butter. This gives it its crispy shell. Add my vegan gochujang Compound butter gives crispy shells a mild kick. It’s not too spicy but it gives the dish so much flavour. 


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