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Gold Rush

The first week of a new year can seem drab compared to the weeks of extravagance that have characterized the holiday season. The parties are over and the guests are gone, leaving behind nothing but crumbs, an eerie quiet, and a stale air. It’s a natural response, an equal and opposite reaction, to succumb to the bleakness of winter a bit. However, instead of getting stuck there, entrenched in blankets, rooted to the couch, there’s still so much light and joy glittering within reach. Or, to be more precise, in the kitchen.

Gold for Good Luck

As a symbol of prosperity and wealth, gold is the color most auspicious. Yukon gold potatoes, with their buttery yellow flesh and sunny yellow skin, are my favorite potato for all purposes. If plain potatoes aren’t enough to make you feel lucky, try taking it to the next step. Make golden potatoes dripping in real gold.

-food paint. Gold metallic food painting Real gold? On a freelancer’s budget, are you kidding me? Of course not. A light coating of a lustrous edible gloss can lift your spirits. We eat first with our eyes, so why don’t you give yourself an opulent visual? You may think it’s silly at first ,…

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