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Ground Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

Ground Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

Our Ground Turkey Shepherd’s Pie is savory, yet healthy comfort food that will give you all the cozy vibes. The delicious turkey vegetable filling is baked until it becomes golden and delicious. It can be served as a Sunday Supper, or you can make it ahead and use it as a weeknight meal.

a casserole dish full of ground turkey shepherd's pie with a spoonful missing from the upper left corner, and a spoon in the dish

Table of contents

  • Why We Love This Ground Turkey Shepherd’s Pie
  • Here are the Key Ingredients to this Recipe
  • How To Make Shepherd’s Pie with Ground Turkey
  • FAQs and Expert tips for Turkey Shepherd’s Pie
  • Serving Suggestions
  • You can also find more Ground Turkey recipes

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Shepherd’s Pie is a dish steeped in a lot of history, but did you know it wasn’t always called Shepherd’s Pie? It was invented in Ireland in the 1700s to make it more economical to use up leftovers. It featured ground beef and vegetables with a mashed potato crust. Cottage Pie was the name for this version.

Over time, shepherds started making the dish with lamb instead of beef – hence, the new name. We tend to interchange both the names, especially in America.

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