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Enjoy your Cake Noodle and Eat It Too

Enjoy your Cake Noodle and Eat It Too

Jewish Christmas This is my absolute favorite winter holiday. Though it may not be marked on the calendar as such, I’d argue that it’s every bit as legitimate as all the “national holidays” that social media loves to celebrate. There is no expectation to exchange gifts, spend all day in the cooking creating an elaborate dinner, or spend time with relatives who have questionable political beliefs. Quite the contrary; you’re fully expected to spend a good chunk of the day sitting in silence, enjoying the darkness of a movie theater, where you can (hopefully) avoid most people, then treat yourself to the finest American Chinese cuisine that your nearest hole in the wall takeout spot can provide.

Usually, I’ll have my order figured out long before the credits roll. I’m kidding. I have my dinner plan set up before breakfast. My mood and the day may change, but my cravings will not. I’ve noticed that more and more people are seeking solitude in the cinema, meaning my social battery was still depleted by just one outing. Returning to the safety of my home, I’m much happier to slip back in front of the stove to craft my own homage to Chinese takeout.

Moreover, for…

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