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Hearty Vegan Breakfast Muffins

Hearty Vegan Breakfast Muffins

The best vegan muffins ever! They’re hearty and full of texture, packed with crushed and grated fruit, carrots, ground flaxseed, nuts, and shredded coconut. The muffins provide healthful fats, complex carbs, and fiber for your daily nourishment, and they’re a great make-ahead breakfast option for busy weeks.

The campus cafe closest to my dorm sold morning glory muffins, which were plump, nutty and raisin-studded.

I remember ordering one early in my first semester and thinking that I’d never eaten a muffin like it.

The majority of muffins I knew and liked were sweet. It was chocolate chip muffins and crumb muffins. Double chocolate muffins were also available. Lemon poppyseed and double chocolate muffins. All were delicious, but they weren’t primarily healthy.

These muffins are filled with flavor and hearty. The following are some examples of how to get started: wholesome. They were also sweet and tender, making them a great treat to enjoy with a cup of coffee.

I’d never heard of a morning glory muffin before. I used to think that the muffins that were sold at my school were exclusive to that little cafe.

I would later learn that these muffins weren’t some hyper-locale specialty. They have a fairly devoted following.

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