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Hot Toddy

When you begin to feel cold symptoms coming on, prepare yourself a hot Toddy. This warming and comforting drink is made from brewed tea, honey, lemon and cozy spices. The recipe uses dark liquor but is not alcoholic, so you can make it with your family!

This has been a a misunderstanding You can also see our other articles. Hot drinks have helped me get through the winter. You should also try my other favorite recipes: Crockpot apple juice, Mexican hot cocoa, and wassail!

Hot Toddy recipe

It’s cold out there! Winter finally hit Utah full-force, so I’ve been looking for ways to stay warm. Hot toddys really are underrated. If you’ve never had one before, it’s a cozy mix of brewed tea, honey, lemon, and spices. Aaand you’re going to want one in hand all winter long.

This hot toddy recipe is ideal for when you’re feeling under the weather. Or just want some comforting winter warmth! And get this – it’s totally alcohol-free! Kids can also enjoy the cosy atmosphere. But don’t worry, grown-ups, I got you covered. Scroll down for some liquor add-ins if you’re wanting to spice things up.

Ingredients of a hot toddy

Do you have the winter blues? This hot toddy will…

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