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Instant Pot French Dip Recipe

Instant Pot French Dip Recipe

Tender roasted, French Dip Sandwiches Cooked in the Instant Pot. This delicious meal is served on a French roll crusted with extra cheese and then dunked in au jus.

French dip sandwich on a stack of plates.

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Why this recipe is the best

French Dip sandwiches feature tender beef cooked with rich au jus and melted Swiss cheese on crusty French bread. 

These are savory, meaty, and full of flavor. It’s pretty much sandwich heaven.

While I don’t normally use red wine when making my French Dip, I do like to occasionally use a good dark beer. However, for today’s version, I thought I would try it Without alcoholSince so many of you have asked for alcohol-free recipes!

My family loves to make this recipe in the instant pot.

  • You can also read about the advantages of using Preparation time is 5 minutes This is a recipe that you can use.
  • Cooks quickly But the result is a tender, slow-roasted meat flavor
  • Rich au jus sauce It is ideal for dipping sandwiches into

Try our French dip sliders if you’re looking for a quick weeknight meal.

Ingredient Notes

Ingredients needed to make french dip sandwiches in the Instant Pot.

For full details on ingredients, see the recipe card.

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