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KFC Green Beans

KFC Green Beans

KFC Green Beans and Onions is a delicious side dish that you can make for dinner. There’s no need to go to the restaurant when you can make green beans like Kentucky Fried Chicken at home with this easy copycat recipe.

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What makes KFC green beans so good? 

Green beans don’t get the kind of respect they should. While most people won’t find themselves with a sudden craving for green beans, they aren’t too likely to turn their noses up at them either.

This is doubly true if you season your green beans with a little garlic and then serve them, as in this KFC recipe for green beans. This is a perfect side dish to go with any main meal and it stores beautifully. 

Why you should try this recipe 

These KFC green beans are easy to prepare, cheap, and healthier than potatoes. They will be a great addition to your meal more than once. You can make this delicious and versatile side dish with ingredients you already have.

They are great for potlucks, holidays, or weekday meals. It’s a winner of a dish…

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