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KFC Mac and Cheese

KFC Mac and Cheese

Copycat this comforting KFC Mac and Cheese recipe at home. This dish captures all the creamy, cheesy delight of the Kentucky Fried Chicken classic. Simple ingredients are transformed into a warm, comforting meal. With tender macaroni in a creamy homemade cheese sauce, you’ll enjoy the nostalgic taste of your favorite fast-food side.

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What Makes KFC Mac & Cheese Memorable? 

While you probably won’t go to KFC just to order Mac ‘n Cheese, you could. The chain is famous for its silky smooth Mac ‘n Cheese, which is bursting with cheese goodness. Consider it an upgrade of your childhood favorite.  

Why You Should Try this Recipe 

Boxed Mac and Cheese may not taste great, but it’s convenient. It’s almost as simple to make this KFC copycat Mac and Cheese recipe and it tastes so much better!

You can prepare it in the same time as it takes to make macaroni-and-cheese from a box. And once you try it, you’ll never want to see another packet of Day-Glo orange cheese powder again!

Ingredients in KFC Macaroni and Cheese

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