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Kimchi Beef Noodle Soup

Kimchi Beef Noodle Soup

This kimchi beef soup recipe uses your choice noodles, vegetables, and a sesame-seasoned kimchi stock. Stovetop options, Instant Pot and Crock Pot are included!

Our flat was located a few blocks from my favorite Korean restaurant when we lived in Barcelona. On cold winter days, when I was chilly from running errands in the city and returned home to my flat, their kimchi broths were some of my favorites. I would alternate between kimchi soup and a variety of other dishes. soondubu jjigae The following are some examples of how to use yukgaejang or their various Korean ramens — basically anything that came with their richly-flavored kimchi broths. It would be an underestimate to say these soups made me happy. I’m sure you will agree that I love them. Love them.

Well, fast forward to our first winter now living back in the States, and I have to admit I’ve been missing Barcelona and these particular kimchi soups lately something fierce. So I’ve been experimenting with making my own kimchi broths here at home and have recently landed on this one as a favorite. I want to note that it’s just loosely inspired by some of the soups I have tried, so if you’re looking for an authentic recipe for a traditional Korean dish, please turn instead to any of the…

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