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Lemony Tortellini soup

Lemony Tortellini soup

This lemony tortellini soup recipe can be made in 30 minutes using any flavor of tortellini.

My toddler is currently Obsessed with tortellini, so we’ve been eating a record amount of it over the past year. In my attempts to create new ways to make tortellini, and to add extra vegetables to the mix, this simple lemony soup became a new family favourite. ♡

It’s nothing revolutionary — just a simple soup with veggies, tortellini, and spinach. The broth is enhanced with fresh lemon, chopped fennel, fresh dill, and a touch of crushed red pepper flake. It’s the perfect soup for this time of year that’s nice and cozy, yet still tastes light and lemony as we head into spring. It takes less than 30 minutes to make!

You can use any flavor tortellini that you like best. Although we keep this soup vegetarian in our home, you can add chicken or Italian sausage to it. My toddler recommends adding lots of Parmesan cheese to this soup. As he loves to say in his adorable little voice, “more cheese please!”


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