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McDonald’s Caramel Apple Sundae | Know More About It

McDonald’s Caramel Apple Sundae | Know More About It

McDonald’s is known for its delectable burgers and fries, but did you know they also have unique dessert options on their secret menu? One of the famous secret menu items is McDonald’s caramel apple sundae. Let’s see what exactly it is.

McDonald’s Caramel Apple Sundae is a secret menu item you can order by asking for a Hot Caramel Sundae with apple slices and nuts. It’s a crave-worthy dessert, separate from McDonald’s official menu. 

Apart from this, McDonald’s offers various best desserts, ranging from McFlurries and hot fudge sundaes to apple pies.

For now, since I know that you are eager to taste this delicious creation, continue reading to learn how to order the caramel apple sundae. You will also get a basic idea of the price and a review. Please stick with me to the end.

What Is A McDonald’s Caramel Apple Sundae?

What Is A McDonald's Caramel Apple Sundae

McDonald’s Caramel Apple Sundae consists of vanilla soft serve ice cream drizzled with warm caramel sauce and topped with diced apples and chopped nuts. 

It is impossible to resist the combination of sweet, creamy, ice cream with rich caramel sauce and apples. 

The Caramel Apple Sundae has a delicious texture that combines smooth, creamy ice-cream with crunchy nuts and juicy apples ….

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