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McDonald’s M&M McFlurry

McDonald’s M&M McFlurry

McDonald’s M&M McFlurry is a tasty ice cream treat. This 3-ingredient recipe will make a delicious homemade McFlurry that includes the candy-coated pieces of chocolate.

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What Makes the McDonald’s M&M McFlurry So Good? 

Everyone knows that McDonald’s has some of the best ice cream (when the machines are working) at any fast food restaurant. McFlurries are a popular dessert that combines vanilla ice cream and different ingredients to create a thick milkshake-like drink.

While the chain serves several flavors, one of the most popular is McDonald’s McFlurry with M and M candies. The taste of this ice-cream treat is unbeatable, despite the fact that it isn’t too complex.

Why you should try making this at home 

Besides the pesky problem of McDonald’s ice cream machines being down so frequently, who wants to have to drag themselves to a Mickey D’s every time they get a craving?

Mixing up a McFlurry with M&M’s at home is so easy that you can prepare one in about the same amount of time it takes to get into the car and pull out of the driveway. Plus, add…

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