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Meal Prep Cucumber Kimchi Chickpea Lunch Boxes

Meal Prep Cucumber Kimchi Chickpea Lunch Boxes

If you’re feeling stumped on what to meal prep for lunch, these meal prep cucumber kimchi chickpea lunch boxes will add flavor, texture, and variety to your routine! They feature my kimchi smashed chickpea salad along with spicy marinated cucumbers, rice crackers, and greens. You can enjoy the combination of ingredients in a bowl or pack them up in your favorite lunch box or bento box for a portable meal.

For me, vegan meal prep isn’t unique to January, or back-to-school season, or any other time of year that’s associated with getting organized.

Meal prep is my way of remaining consistent with making and eating homemade food through life’s seasons.

I go through ups and downs with cooking, but thanks to meal prep, I manage to stick with it even when I’m unmotivated. Meal prep is such an important part of my routine that I dedicated an entire cookbook to it!

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