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It’s Not Meant to Be Broken

It’s Not Meant to Be Broken

There is nothing perfect or permanent. Nothing is complete. This is my definition of the wabi-sabi philosophy, the way I live, and the description that fits this blog. In the 18 years since this blog was created, there are many examples of each tenet.

I’ve been blogging here for over half of my life. 18 years in any field is a very long time. If we were married, I’d give my dear BitterSweet Blog the gift of porcelain, a delicate, beautiful material symbolizing the care and attention needed to nurture a long-lasting relationship. We all know what would happen, given my lack of coordination.

The number of dishes I’ve shattered over the course of my career could fill a potter’s graveyard. No matter where I’ve dropped a plate, I can find random pieces every time I sweep. In truth, it’s an opportunity.

Kintsugi (also known as gold mendery) is something that I should have learned long ago. You can repair dishes that break. Gold can be used to repair the seams of dishes, making them even more valuable, beautiful and stronger. It’s not a…

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