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Mixed Berry Cake

Mixed Berry Cake

This easy recipe for Berry Cake is made with sweet berries, buttery cake, and a few other ingredients.

Berry Cake

If you’ve fallen in love with the Cranberry Christmas Cake and then been sad to find that cranberries are out of season the next time you want to make it, this cake is the answer to your cake-loving dreams.

The biggest comment I get when cranberry season ends is – I can’t find cranberries. Can I use blueberries? Can raspberries be used? Can this recipe be made with other berries? Lucky for you the answer to all of those questions is a resounding “YES”.

In all seriousness, however, you should make a note to buy extra bags of Cranberries to freeze for Christmas. Sometimes you’ll be lucky enough to find them marked down after a holiday, but either way, pick up as many as you think you’ll want and then grab a few more.

Cranberries can be frozen without any special preparation or treatment. To keep them safe, just place the bags in a freezer bag.

This Cranberry Christmas Cake is the best cake on the site. I can’t believe it! It already has received rave reviews.

Berry Cake squares with a blue and white striped napkin

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