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Never Say No To Banh Xeo

Never Say No To Banh Xeo

From the moment I saw my plate, which was practically aglow with fragrant herbs and the subtle sweetness of coconut, it immediately hooked me. banh xeo. It was a dish unlike anything I’d ever eaten before. For many years, I thought it would be impossible to make at home. Little did I realize that anyone could make banh xeo at home with some practice, patience and determination.

What Are Banh Xeo Chay and Banh Xeo Chay

Translated as “sizzling cake”, banh xeo is a Vietnamese delicacy that’s been prized by the upper classes for centuries. According to legend, it was first served at the royal court in Hue’s imperial city. Over time the dish spread across Vietnam and became popular as a street food. It was now accessible to all people.

Pork and seafood are often included in the filling for omnivores. The vegetarian (chay), however, is just as popular. Instead of meat, it uses mushrooms and tofu. Both versions are generously stuffed with bean sprouts, onions and tofu.

Success Tips

The process of making banh xeo takes a lot of time and effort. The batter is made of rice flour, cornstarch and turmeric with coconut milk. It has a vibrant yellow color.

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